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Dream, innovation, hard work

A technology-driven modern and innovative elevator brand

10000Annual production

Guangdong Suzuki Elevator Entry
Rapid development stage

60000Square base

The new factory introduced a large number of advanced machinery and equipment
Owned amada CNC

30Many national patent technologies

Has a large number of mechanical and electrical engineers, long-term
Committed to the research and development of new elevator technology

35%Average energy saving

A new generation of environmentally friendly high-performance permanent magnet synchronization without
Geared host with energy feedback technology

Guangdong Suzuki Elevator Co., Ltd.

It is a modern professional elevator enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, installation and after-sale maintenance services. It is committed to providing customers with integrated solutions for the building transportation system. In 2015, a modern manufacturing base covering an area of 60,000 m² was officially put into production. The new factory introduced a large number of advanced machinery and equipment, and possessed a full set of amada......

Guangdong Suzuki's elevator products cover small machine room / machine-room-less passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, villa elevators, medical elevators......

Guangdong Suzuki Elevator has reached strategic cooperation with Huichuan Technology, Xinshida, Shenling and Xizi Group, taking the lead in adopting the world's advanced multi-microcomputer modular control technology, (VVVF) frequency conversion....

Guangdong Suzuki·Elevator by heart

Guangdong Suzuki Elevator always adhering to the pioneering spirit of Tiandao's hard work, advocating the cultural spirit of "integrity, humility, pragmatism and innovation", adhere to the experience of "creating value for customers, seeking development for employees, and taking responsibility for society", and strictly implement Full process control, building an integrated building transportation solution team with R & D, sales, and maintenance as the main body, constantly striving to improve the passenger experience for customers, and taking quality and safety as the cornerstones of the company's sustainable operation..

Guangdong Suzuki Elevator always implements the "people-oriented" concept, insists on putting talent strategy at the top of the company's development, pays attention to the personal development of employees, and constantly improves the career design of employees, achieving a "win-win" for the company's development and employee growth. 


Guangdong Suzuki Elevator implemented a new round of strategic development planning. Looking forward to the future, all employees of Guangdong Suzuki sincerely join hands with colleagues at home and abroad to make great strides towards a better